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First a stock trader on the floor of the Vancouver Stock Exchange in 1979 during Bunker Huntís infamous failed attempt to corner the silver market - followed by years in research with a focus on resource stocks - right up until 1987 Crash. Maedelís was born as "The Protrader" immediately following the crash with the recommendation that stocks were bargains Ē. After the fantastic 1990s bull market and more than a decade of hugely profitable recommendations, Maedel retired from the newsletter business that is until restarting the publication November 2009 again at the culmination of a major market crash. In this sense history repeats.


September 4th 2010

Risk On: Buy stocks - sell bonds

The New York Times headline “Small Investors Flee Stocks” was a warning of the approaching tsunami of equity selling and fund redemptions. At the same time panicking investors scrambled to buy bonds which in turn drove yields to record lows. Maedels had already moved to
50% cash in preparation for the bargains I though the bottom would bring (All Signs Point Down July 2010). As the lows were reached The Consensus
survey of published opinions showed nearly 80% expected the bond bull market to continue - almost as many as when bonds last peaked in 2008.

The American Association of Individual Investors said last week that bond allocations by individual investors had also reached 24%, a top-indicating,
near-record high.


Special Situations:
An end to the never ending story: Crystallex finally looks set to develop Las Cristinas

Finally in what looks like an end to the gold sector’s longest running soap opera Crystallex International (CRY-T $0.45) partnered with China Railway Engineering Corp. to
develop the giant Las Cristinas gold deposit. Having a heavy weight and highly capable partner is essential in what is one of the mining industry’s most dodgy environments.

Crystallex finally has “what it takes” to suceed and after more than 10 years of intense scepticism I think its finally a buy. $0.39.

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Special Situations

Last July I highlighted three ompanies which I thought were bound to do better no matter how tough the market got. The first was Lynas corp. (OTC: LYSCF or AU:LYC). Like Crystallex I have been ollowing the company for years and also
similar it has a breathtaking amount (1.6 billion) of shares outstanding. (It almost become even more similar but for the Australian Foreign Investment
Review board’s last minute veto of Chinese state sponsored champion China Non Ferrous Mining’s bid to take over Lynas in 2009.) Lynas performance has defied naysayers who looked at its gigantic float and commented that for expecting its shares to go up was like waiting for a whale to fly. Yet up they have gone and in the midst of an appalling market

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